What Agent’s Don’t Want to Hear..

The real estate business is full of highs, lows, sometimes funny, occasionally inspirational, and of course, is loaded with characters from all walks of life abapentin medicine. Our trade is based on information and customer service, so answering the same questions over and over or listening to clients describe what their looking for becomes a frequent lesson in patience and perseverance. After many years you become accustomed to it, and, hopefully, it won’t make you slit your wrists with your pocket card.

Here is a collection of words, phrases, questions, answers, and general statements that real estate agents (Rentals and Sales) really don’t like to hear, from clients, landlords, supers, managers, guarantors, and others alike.

In no particular order:

What Agent’s Don’t Want to Hear..

  1. I’m not picky.
  2. I have a flex move date.
  3. I have a guarantor from Florida/Texas.
  4. I never checked my credit but I’m sure it’s great.
  5. I have 3 dogs over 75 pounds.
  6. It’s the perfect apartment but my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/mom/dad/friend/relative/roommate has to see it first.
  7. My lawyer has to look at the lease.
  8. Is NYC safe?
  9. Will the landlord take an offer?
  10. Is your fee negotiable?
  11. Do you take personal checks or cash?
  12. What’s the EXACT address?
  13. I just want to see that ONE apartment.
  14. I’m not signing ANYTHING!
  15. I have multiple appointments.
  16. My friend is in real estate.
  17. I’ll let you know..
  18. Email me photos and description of apartments you want to show me.
  19. I’m an artist/yogi/spiritual adviser.
  20. My roommates are with other brokers because we thought we could cover more ground that way.
  21. Is it convertible?
  22. I’ve seen a bunch of apartments.. On Craigslist.
  23. My guarantor doesn’t want to give their tax returns.
  24. Cable, Internet, electric, gas, is all included right?
  25. Time for E&O (Errors and Omissions) 
  26. If it’s meant to be…
  27. It’s been rented for weeks.
  28. I won’t go above 86th Street.
  29. No 3rd/4th/5th floor walk-ups.
  30. We have multiple offers.
  31. We are doing best and final offers.
  32. Let’s cut our commission to get this deal done.
  33. Time for REBNY dues.
  34. My move date is 3 months away but I want to see the market now.
  35. I printed out all the listings on your website that I want to see.
  36. Let’s take a cab.
  37. I’m going to be late
  38. If it was just a teeny bit bigger, I’d take it.
  39. Co-broke.
  40. What kind of people live in the building?
  41. Accounting issues.
  42. Application denied.
  43. No counter offer.
  44. Landlord wants 3/6/9/12 months of security up front.
  45. Can we meet at the apartment?
  46. I don’t want to waste my time.
  47. When I was an agent I did 30/40 deals a month!
  48. My guarantor is a lawyer.
  49. Your the back-up application/offer.
  50. My lease is month to month.
  51. I’m having second thoughts.
  52. Can I break my lease.
  53. I decided to stay where I am.
  54. Can I talk to the owner?
  55. I saw/read it on the Internet.
  56. I know there’s more apartments in my price range because I’ve seen them online.
  57. I just want to be the guarantor for my daughter/son and no one else.
  58. No access
  59. My son/daughter are too busy so I’m going to see apartments for them.
  60. I have a 500 credit score
  61. When are you going to be on Million Dollar Listing?
  62. Call the super’s beeper number.
  63. Internet is down
  64. My wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate makes the decisions.
  65. I have to move TODAY, can we see the apartment next week?
  66. If the apartment was just 10 or 20 blocks south it would be perfect.
  67. My parents/lawyer want to speak to you.
  68. Are you single?
  69. Continuing Ed
  70. Your job is so easy!
  71. I’m ONLY looking for No Fee apartments.
  72. You’re hired!
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